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How Dealers Cheat

Dealer in Blackjack is a person who cooperate you and whom you are playing against to. Blackjack players learn numerous methods of cheating the casino, the dealer and he game in order to win. However, sometimes they can be heated as well. Dealers also use some methods of cheating so that you would never know you were cheated. Dealers are good card mechanics as they work with cards all the time. Here we describe few basic cheating tricks dealers usually use.

Cheating Tricks

When dealer shuffles cards and deals them - he has thousands of opportunities to peek the cards. Such tricks require time, sometimes a few seconds - and this is enough to be noticed. So to do the peek trick dealer has to be skilled enough and very fast. Usually dealers peek and deal the cards at the same time by lifting them up a little. Such procedure looks unsuspicious, because dealers have to deal the card so that players could see them. Dealer can have a quick glance while shuffling cards as well. To prevent this trick you have to look at the dealer's eyes constantly. A good dealer looks at the table and very rarely at the cards.

Another way of manipulating is connected to the cards that have already left the game and have been discarded. False shuffles are often used to cheat the player. Pre-prepared cards are among their favorite methods. They use the deck of cards where cards have been trimmed a bit, so that you won't even notice this. Such cards are trimmed in the next ways.

All the face cards in the decks are intact from the left side. And all the other cards are narrower that they were from the both sides. By shuffling such deck the dealer feel the face cards as they are slightly wider. This way the dealer can draw all the necessary cards form the decks, mainly Aces.

Another variation of this method implies that cards are trimmed from the both sides, but their top part is narrower in comparison to the bottom. Aces in such deck of cards are laying the wider side up and this is how they can be found among the rest of the cards. Dealer simply controls the trimmed Aces.

A good dealer masters his every method to nails. So that you'll never guess - whether it's you, who haven't practiced a strategy properly or whether it is the dealer who has cheated you.

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Blackjack Bankroll

The fact that you have to understand is that sometimes you will lose in the game. So, you will need money in your bankroll to continue playing and good strategy. To make your money stay longer at your account and multilpy, you need to learn some rules.

Blackjack Odds

The house advantage in blackjack is 0.5% especially when you apply the basic blackjack strategy. A typical example of blackjack games with such a house advantage is blackjack with multiple card decks.

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