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Dealer's Options

In blackjack, both the dealer and the player have rules that govern them. The rules guiding the dealer do not increase his chances of winning more than the rule governing the players. The two present equal chances to the both.

Dealers do not split

A player can double or split his card but these do not apply to the dealer. You can also freely stand while the same cannot be said of the dealer. The dealer's rules are stipulated on the table. However, in order to increase the house advantage some casinos do add extra rules to the dealers. The common rules among many casinos are.

Soft 17

Soft 17 leave the dealer with no option rather than hitting. A soft hand is a hand that holds an ace valued as 11. But a soft 17 is a hand that holds an ace and then a card with the value of 6. 2 or 4 with an ace can also give a soft 17.

In blackjack the dealer will continue playing until he holds a hand with point value of 17. This is an advantage to the player.

In the light of the above, you should always try to know the rules that are obtainable in casino regarding to blackjack. Know that of the dealer and that of player as well.

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Blackjack Bankroll

The fact that you have to understand is that sometimes you will lose in the game. So, you will need money in your bankroll to continue playing and good strategy. To make your money stay longer at your account and multilpy, you need to learn some rules.

Blackjack Odds

The house advantage in blackjack is 0.5% especially when you apply the basic blackjack strategy. A typical example of blackjack games with such a house advantage is blackjack with multiple card decks.

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